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About the Festival


The Son Rhea Foundation was established in year 2000 as a non-profit corporation to help ensure that the arts flourish in Bowling Green and surrounding Southern Kentucky communities. The Son Rhea Foundation believes giving children the opportunity to participate in music and art will not only enhance their appreciation of the fine arts but will enrich their lives and guarantee future generations similar opportunities.

The Kentucky Blues Society is an affiliate of the Blues Foundation in Memphis .. providing music education to Kentucky schools through the Kentucky Blues In Schools program since 2005.

Bowling Green City Fest is a showcase of Bowling Green's diverse music scene. Bowling Green is one of the great music cities of the world. The Birthplace of Newgrass Music and Ragtime music. Where so much of the world's music began. All areas of music, Country, Rock, Gospel, Jazz, Blues and others are represented in Bowling Green .. on Saturday, June 4th, in the family friendly Stadium Park Plaza, on outside stages and the indoor stage of 643 Sports Bar + Grill .. artists from all areas of BG's music scene will perform to serve local schools.

Our primary goal with Bowling Green City Fest is to increase awareness of the need to serve our local schools music programs .. and to raise funds enabling more schools to provide music programs to students.   Music education is important .. because playing music is the only human activity that uses all of the brain.

As this TED video describes .. Music is like a full body workout for the brain .. music programs serve a purpose far beyond the playing .. better mental health and improved performance in test scores in all areas.